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 About Promotions
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 01:05 AM
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It's a box of spiders.
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What Is a Promotion?
    You may see the word "promo" around the site or in the cbox, and while it's fairly clear that this is short for 'promotion,' if you aren't used to pokémon boards, this may be confusing.

    A promotion is something offered by the staff to celebrate a certain event- the opening of a site, a milestone in members or posts, some major holidays, etc. A topic will be posted in the Announcements' Promotions subforum with details and on twitter feed displayed in the welcome box.

Claiming Promotion Prizes
    To claim something for your character in a promotion, reply to the topic with your choice. If you are requesting for more than one character when allowed, include a link to the other character's profile. A staff member will add the prize to your profile and will leave a note that you've been taken care of in your promotion post.

    You can get pretty much anything from a promotion, though typically items or item packages will be offered for you to choose from. Sometimes a pokémon egg will be up, sometimes a newly hatched pokémon. The conditions vary by promotion, and you can claim one package per character unless otherwise stated in the promo topic.

    Promotions can always be claimed by any character. They are independent of the usual happenings of the region. If your character is in a battle or otherwise tight situation and you claim items from a promotion, the staff will find a way to get them to you as soon as possible. It can be assumed that you have whatever you chose from the promotion as soon as it is added to your profile by a staffer. Whatever you don't use will be written in by your mod as soon as you get away from whatever is preventing you from receiving the items IC. They will still be added to your profile, but no IC event will happen to get them to you until it's feasible.

    Main Points
    • Claim promos by posting in the promo thread and/or by following instructions given
    • Prizes can be used as soon as they're in your profile even if they aren't written into the travels IC


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