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 Starting Gear, Gold, & Pokemon
 Posted: Jul 15 2010, 01:07 AM
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It's a box of spiders.
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Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

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Starting Items
Once your application is accepted and you have chosen your starter pokémon, your profile will be placed in our character registry and given your starting items, including some money and the following:
  • One Pokecard
  • Five Pokeballs
  • Three Potions
  • Three Random Berries
  • Two Rare Candies
In the second post, you can see all of your character's pokémon and their abilities, moves, levels, experience, held items, conditions, and the username and the character name of whoever caught the pokémon, so it can be determined easily which pokémon have been traded.

Starting Gold
When you submit your application, staff will review it based on how well the character fits the setting, how easy it is to understand, and how much depth is in each section. This means only that an application whose personality looks like this:
"John Smith likes pokémon. John Smith is a happy man. He is a pokémon handler."

Wouldn't start with as much as one that looked like this:
"John Smith has always loved pokémon ever since he was a small child, thanks to his parents' involvement with the Guard, and has always wanted to follow in their footsteps. Generally speaking, John is a very cheerful and easygoing fellow, making him particularly good at making friends with both people and pokémon."

The absolute minimum amount anyone can receive is 350 gold, and the absolute maximum is 900. The amount you get is established by the staff member first choosing a range of about 200-250 gold for your profile. After choosing a range, the staff member goes to a random number generator and plugs in the minimum end of that range and the maximum end of that chosen range. The number that comes out of it will always be rounded to the nearest ten to keep things tidy.

Regardless of how much you are awarded when your profile is accepted, staff will ensure that if your character is in dire need of something, they will have the money to get it. A player hypothetically could start with no money at all and do better than someone who started with 900 gold pieces. Don't forget that every job you do will give you some kind of a reward or an earning!

Main Points
  • Gold is based on app quality and length and is rolled from a selected range
  • Minimum amount is 350, maximum is 900.

Starter Pokemon and Egg
Once your profile is accepted, a staff member will give you a choice of three pokémon, one which they think complements or mirrors your character, one which they think acts as a potential foil or obstacle for your character, and one chosen by a random roll! Your first pokémon will always start at level five.

For your starter, you can choose:
  • A name if desired
  • Gender
  • Two abilities for you pokemon out of the pool of available abilities for it. If there are less than two, it will only have the ability available for it.
  • 2 egg moves OR, if the pokemon has no egg moves, 2 tutor moves.
  • Whether the pokemon knows all the TMs/HMs of its primary or secondary type.[LIST]The primary type, if your pokemon has two, is the one that is canonically listed first (you can check this easily on serebii.net), and the secondary is the second. If your pokemon only has one type, it will only ever have that type's TM pool to choose from.
Keep in mind, however, that if your pokemon is a dual type, it will not learn its other potential set of TM/HM moves naturally until it hits level 14! You can, of course, teach the moves in a training thread or use the corresponding TM or HM on them yourself if you don't want to wait.

In addition, every player will receive one random pokémon egg. Players should number each one of their own updates 1 - 20. The egg will hatch into a level one baby pokémon from posts 19-23 depending on rarity and/or what's happening in your travels. This pokémon will have random egg moves, TM sets, and will be of a random gender! You will be told the pokemon inside's primary type, but beyond that its contents will be secret unless you decide to put it up for sale on the market. If it's put up for sale, though, beware -- it must be sold!


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