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The onset of the Summer season has led to a swarming of Fire-, Electric-, and Bug-types, overtaking most populations in the Region. In their place, Water- and Grass-types have retreated to the shade and to cooler areas, while Ice-types have all but vanished. The rising temperatures has also led to the annual thaw of the infamously cold Istin City, though it remains the coldest.

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 General Rules
 Posted: Sep 10 2011, 07:42 PM
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It's a box of spiders.
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Harper's Rules
RPG Rating: L2 S2 V2


1. Respect all members and staff.
No flaming, racism or religious slurs (OOC, we understand that some characters may be racist or religion-ist or nationalist and that may be portrayed IC), keep cursing to a reasonable level OOC, etc. Just use your common sense. Do not harass staff members for thread updates.

2. No spam/advertising outside of the ad forum.
Spam is 'Short Pointless Annoying Messages,' and includes very off topic discussion, advertising outside of the advertising section, excessive OOC chatting in the IC forums. PM advertising is also not allowed in any way, shape, or form. If in doubt, ask a staff member.

3. Mind the forum rating
While we're no longer a pg-13 restricted site, we still want you to shy away from the extremes. This includes pornography, excessively erotic scenes (blackouts are your friend), excessively violent scenes (so don't go reenacting Saw, haha), etc. Keep your language reasonable OOC -- no F-this and F-that or swearing every other word -- but casual swears in conversation, IC and just generally outside of the cbox are fine.

4. Please refrain from double-posting.
Please use the edit button.

5. Do not plagiarize.
Not only does it make you look like an unoriginal fool in the first place, but it is also extremely rude and will not be tolerated here. If we find out you have plagiarized, we will ban you without a second chance. This is your only warning. If you feel you have been plagiarized or stolen from, please let Rosalie or another admin know and we will do everything we can to help you.

6. Please refrain from chatspeak.
Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation everywhere to the best of your ability, please. Capitalization is something we can understand not using OOC/in the cbox, but please refrain from ```psts 7h@7 l00k l1k3 7h15 && bby!'' everywhere.

In addition, please do not roleplay on the board using the emoticons. For example, a post like this:
http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/7squirtle.png used water gun to attack the http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/6charizard.png!
is not acceptable on this board.

7. Registering
You may register with any site-appropriate username. We have sub-accounts, so it's up to you whether you want to play with one account per person or individual accounts per character.

8. Signatures
Signatures of all accounts must link to the profile/travels of all characters you play for easy reference. Images in signatures should be no wider than approximately 5-600 pixels. If it stretches the board, it'll be removed, basically. We're not counting pixels, but that range is a good one to aim for.

Roleplay Rules

1. Please write at least two reasonably-sized paragraphs per post.
This gives the mod more to work with, and can create a better story because of that. We're not slapping you with a word count to meet, because not every response will require x amount of words. Paragraphs are more fluid and easier to keep track of.

"Reasonably-sized" means that one-word or one-or-two-sentence paragraphs aren't really going to fly on a regular basis. A paragraph is generally 6-8 sentences.

2. Mind the IC-OOC line.
Remember to separate OOC and IC interactions. This includes metagaming. You do not know what another person is thinking or about to do unless it is made obvious, so the same with your characters. Remember that you are not your character and they are not you -- just because an NPC insults your character doesn't mean they're insulting you, promise!

3. No godmoding/powerplaying.
In Harper, this also includes controlling your environment and non-player characters, which the mod will set up and write for you. It prevents people from finding and catching very rare pokémon whenever they like in the interest of fairness. You are allowed to move around the area and look for pokémon or intend to find paths, but not to create paths or spawn pokémon.

4. Post in the Update Request thread when you need to be updated.
If you have more than one character, make sure that it is clear which is which, as well as which you are asking for the update for. A second post should be made for another character in need of an update unless both are updated at the exact same time.

5. We play in 3rd person limited, past tense.
It's simply easier to keep track of for everyone involved and easier for a mod to work with when updating you. A mod may occasionally use some 2nd person in order to present a choice in their updates, but the player should stay in 3rd limited potentially excepting mental flashbacks etc. If you would like to ask about being allowed to play in another POV, contact Rosalie. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/1.png In freeform, you can do any POV you'd like.

Character/Character Creation Rules

1. Members may only play humans*. Pokemorphs do not exist.
This means that you may not play as a hoothoot or a bulbasaur or a vulpix-girl. It's pretty self-explanatory.

*You may control your pokemon out of battle in addition to your own character.

2. Setting-Appropriate Characters
All characters must be setting appropriate. Staff may refuse your application based on this with or without explanation. You're signing up for a pokemon site with a realistic, medieval setting, not a cabaret or a 21st century England/America/wherever. Reasonable clothing and culturally/historically sensible approaches are a must.

3. The Sue/Stu Rule
This goes hand in hand with the previous rule. If your character is found to be unbelievable, overly contradictory, or too extreme in any regard (too perfect, too beautiful, too tragic, too 'suffering,' et cetera), staff reserve the right to deny your application. This will not be done unless we have all discussed it and come to the conclusion that the character is unsuitable, and we are lenient; no person is one hundred percent anything.

4. Deformities/Mental Illnesses/Scars
    - Deformities must be real, and preferably you should link us to information regarding it if it is an uncommon deformity. All deformities must be reasonably common. For example, heterochromia or a cleft lip or even an occasional case of albinism would be fine, but something like being born without eyes or having horns growing out of your head would not. Staff reserve the right to refuse any deformity based on whether or not it affects the character, how rare it is, and how many (if any) other characters currently on the site have it.

    - Mental Illnesses are acceptable so long as they are true to form. This means that if you give your character a mental illness, it can't magically go away for convenience at any point.

    - All scars must be explained in the history, barring smaller, less noticeable scars that one might get from farm work or smithing or something similar.
5. Character Cap and Second Character Creation
Due to the amount of work it takes for staff to keep up with all of the characters, each member is normally limited to two characters. The second character may only be made once the player has made ~20 of IC travels posts with their first. Players may create a sub account for their second character if they like. This account is made by registering a second and then adding it to your first as a sub-account via the user control panel to allow quick and easy switching between the two. This is optional. Up to 10 of the 20 required posts can be substituted with posts a player makes to our annual Grand Festival event.
    5a. Third Characters
    Third Characters can be created once a player has a Third Character Coupon -- these are most frequently given out as prizes from events such as the winter holidays or the Grand Festival/Harperian New Year. You must meet the requirements for making a second character before you can use the coupon to make another.
    5b. Fourth Characters
    Fourth characters may currently only be 'adopted' as NPCs that have become semi-permanent or especially well developed in others' travels. Once they split from that person's travels, they may gain a travels thread of their own and be added to the character registry. Please see the NPC pickup rules thread in this forum for more details.
6. Multi-Character/Joint Travels

C-box Rules

1. All site rules apply.

2. Do not harass other members/staff or otherwise cause problems.
If you have a problem with another member, contact an admin. Do not flame, argue, etc. this includes begging for updates or constantly harping on about not having them. Staff reserve the right to refuse to update you that day if they feel they are being excessively bothered to update someone. We do this for the same reason you do: to have fun. Being harried for posts isn't fun for us in the least, and makes what should be and usually is an enjoyable task into a tiresome chore.

3. Double posting is permitted.
But flooding the c-box with multiple short messages that do not contribute to the conversation are not, because then it becomes spam.

4. No Advertising
This includes indirect advertising. For example, stopping by simply to talk about your/another site more than anything else, always opening conversations or entering them with reference to another site, et cetera is considered indirect advertising. Basically, if staff thinks it has become a problem that someone is constantly going on about site x, you will be warned.

You are allowed to post outside links to non-rp sites, and you are allowed to talk about other RP sites if they come up (differing from constant bringing up) as long as you are not flaming. If you want to share a link to another rp site, PMing it is a better option.

"Drive by" advertising; i.e. any ad posted by a guest who is not a member of this forum will result in an immediate ban of that IP from the cbox.

5. C-box rating is PG.
We ask you to please refrain from explicit language. The c-box IS public to everyone, and should be at least mostly family-friendly.

6. Please Register your name.
Since we now have a premium cbox, please register your name on it once you've joined. http://i832.photobucket.com/albums/zz241/HarperRegion/Sprites/Emoticons/1.png You can do so by clicking 'profile' and then setting a password.

[Rules are subject to change at administrator discretion, and issues not covered here will be dealt with if they arise.]
updated 09/07/15


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