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 Songs of the Harper Region, Courtesy of Gabe
 Posted: Feb 28 2013, 03:34 PM
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The tale of little Marie

Oh, there once was a Pidgey named little Marie
With smooth shiny feathers and toes one, two three
She hopped and she jumped and she searched futilely
For the one thing she wanted was to visit the sea


'You cannot go off into the wilds my dear'
Said little Marie's father all puffed with fear
'I simply forbid it, you will have to stay here'
But little Marie would not lend him her ear.


And so off to the east the Pidgey did fly
Her little wings carrying her far through the sky.
But behind her a Fearow flew down from high
And it caught little Marie before she could cry


Oh, there once was a Pidgey named little Marie
Who lost all her feathers and toes one, two, three
Her father and brothers all searched futilely,
But they never found trace of little Marie
  • This ditty tells of a young woman of House Folgart who decided to leave her family with her three children. One of House Folgart's enemies took the opportunity and disposed of the Lord's daughter and grandchildren before he and his sons could catch up. It is a cautionary tale meant to emphasise the importance of listening to your Lord and Parents.


Travelling song

Down the path and through the glens
'Neath the leaves and through the fens
Beside the streams and o'er the brooks
I smile to each and all who looks
A new journey through this land
With my partners lending a hand

What shall I see?
What shall I hear?
What shall I taste?
I shall not fear!

Across the bridge, across the sea
I live a life so joyous and free
The ground beneath my feet does change
And oh the world, it seems so strange.

From Harper's Pass to Dedrius
From Istin to Cypwater
I've seen it all, I've travelled fair
And I'd do it all again, so there!
  • A cheeky little nonsense song about travelling, unknown origin


The Ballad of the Harper
(To be sung to this tune)

Beyond the mountains and through the Pass
long ago in distant lands
there was a people sad and down
who suffered 'neath their royal hands

And in this realm, where freedom died
there was a man whose trade was song
a simple man, a farmer's son
he played a harp so clear and strong

A Budew, his mother's gift
forbidden partner in that time
Against their tyranny he did hide
until his neighbours saw the sign

Roselia, with grace and poise
evolved too late
The farmer's death brought forth the wrath
And so the Harper fled his fate

Taking only what he could
the Harper slipped out in the night
And searched he for performer's troupe
So to avoid losing fight

Throughout the night he played a lyre
The troupe leader's demand of him
And so he crafted a master's song
A hope to escape his mortal sin

With tired hands he plucked the strings
And with that simple melody
Roselia did dance and sway
Her body motions heavenly.

Over years the Harper grew
In skill, handling and musical
A Hoothoot his second friend
And so continues our chron'cle

The leader now, after many year
In and out of danger passed
Searching for great fortune
Defence of those sorely harassed

Heroes were they, 'gainst tyranny
Furious was the king
A trap was laid for Harper's band
To bring them death's cruellest sting.

Alas, oh woe, many did fall
Once the cunning trap was sprung
A few alive to be brought forth
Their destined fate was to be hung!

But swift of mind and swift of tongue
The Harpers cunning great protest
A chance to prove themselves to all
To survive the fiercest test

A battle with victory's prize
A chance to leave the cruel kingdom
Else the hangman's noose for them
An end to hope of all freedom

Victory for Harper and troupe
Northern march into the waste
Gathered they the sad and poor
By Queen's guard they were chased

Further north throughout the years
Pushed into the mountain's grip
Hiding 'mongst the darkened caves
Riolu found with startled yip

Kindness did the Harper show
Earning Riolu's grudging trust
Beaten to an inch of death
Torn apart from Sneasel's thrust!

Fury did the Harper feel
Battling the frozen dark
Noctowl and Roselia
Harper's arrow met its mark!

Injured by its final swipe
Demonstration of his care
As Riolu watched on with fright
Harper's leg had been stripped bare

Suffering from fever's heat
Little Riolu's mind did soar
Suffered he at human hands
But afraid he was no more

Forced to leave once again
To Riolu farewells were said
The coming of the royal guard
Filled the exiles all with dread

Following the path of man
Riolu watched from the shade
Sorrow hit the Harper hard
For his people he was afraid

Little Pokémon so brave
Led the Harper through the snow
To a hidden path beneath
Forgotten by man so long ago!

Hope of freedom this did bring
Away from royal's cruel hunt
Through the pass exiles did go
Escaping from the deadly front.

A new land away from fear
A home for them the exile's found
hidden through the Harper's pass
to cruel royals no longer bound

'No pokeballs have I my friend'
To Riolu the Harper spoke
'But will you be my partner too?
For you did free us from the yoke'

Into the Harper's chest he ran
A tearful joy, a friendship sweet
Riolu now Lucario
The Harper's triad now complete

Deep in the land the exiles went
Settling beneath the trees
A city founded by the Pass
Where they scented land's cool breeze

But the calm would not prevail
Few in years the peace did last
Drawn were eyes to their new land
For the royals had found the pass!

Once again the Harper fought
Upon the back of wise Noctowl
His arrows swift and sure did strike
While many fell to Lucario's howl!

Over years the war did churn
The royal men could not succeed
The beauty of the Harper's Pass
Forced the invaders to concede!

And so then the royals fell
And peace swept 'cross the land
And the Harper went once more
Travelling with harp in hand

Upon his death he set them forth
Roselia of blooming bud
Lucario of the iron fist
And Noctowl wise, to spread their blood

Thus our tale reaches end
And our history you have heard
The Harper's song from my lips
The power of the spoken word

Go now all, remember well
When all seems lost and path is gone
Like the Harper you must find
A great bond with your Pokémon~[/hide]


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