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 How to Survive Chaos & Disorder, currently: sentret punching saga
 Posted: Jun 27 2014, 06:08 PM
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Top Handler
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Dionisia Bosc, James Achilles

Awards: 6

Increase happiness
Train Lavender to resist Fighting-types


Setting: Navdia Crater Lake, early morning


The sentret was wrapped around Dionisia's head, tail sticking from her hair like a ponytail. The rest of his body was firm against her skull, his tiny claws digging into her scalp. Lavender had taken up the position after ten minutes of walking, and no power could remove him.

After reaching a remote location near the lake where she was reasonably sure they wouldn't be interrupted, Dionisia attempted to deattach the Sentret from her head. His claws were stuck fast, tangled in her hair, and pulling at it hurt. Deciding to try a different tack, she said, “Come on, Ven - I want to train you, it'll be good, it'll help you in battle - you know you need to be cautious against fighting-types, I want to help you, please.”

The Sentret, kingly upon his throne, decided that more explanation was needed before he would deign to train. Dionisia sighed as she felt no movement from Lavender. “Alright, look. Here's how it is. Fighting-type moves affect you more than other kinds in battle. If we can train that weakness, we can surprise our opponents and help you.”

The Sentret considered this, and then suddenly scurried down from Dionisia's head, landing smartly on the ground. He tilted his head as best he could at the girl, who had dissolved into a fit of giggles. “S-sorry, sorry, I'm really ticklish, and your claws aren't helping,” she said, standing straight. “Okay. I'm ready. Stay there. Do you know the theory behind fighting-type moves?”

Lavender shrugged. He cared less about theories than he did practical applications. Theories didn't help anyone survive in the wild. Learning did. They ought to move to that part. He chittered his thoughts, crossing stubby arms over his body and standing on his tail to appear intimidating. It didn't have the desired effect since his Handler was 3 feet taller than him, but it served its purpose.

Dionisa sighed. “You're going to learn this even if you don't want to. Look at me, Ven. Look at me.”

She stretched for a minute, loosening muscles in preparation for her demonstration. “Fighting-type moves are physical. They aren't subtle. Look. I'm going to move over to that tree. We can also get away from this heat.”

The unfortunate tree was twisted and bent, but it was in full bloom, green leaves spreading magnificently. “This is a punch. Several fighting types use their fists as their primary weapons.” Making sure to go slowly so she didn't injure herself and so Lavender could see, Dionisia extended her arm until her fist touched the tree's trunk. “Drain Punch, Dynamic Punch, Sky Uppercut - these are just a few Fighting-type moves that use fists. We're going to focus on them today.”

Lavender slowly unfolded his arms. What his Handler was saying did make sense. And anything that could help him overcome his weaknesses - well. He'd give it a shot.
Dionisia smiled at Lavender's show of approval. “Okay, Lav. After this we're going to cool down in the lake and eat some of the snacks I packed. But we have to finish training first. For you to learn how to defend against fighting-type moves - you have to face fighting-type moves. I don't have a fighting-type, and I don't have one to borrow. So I'm going to hit you instead. Humans are naturally weaker than Pokemon, so it shouldn't affect you badly - maybe a few bruises.”

If Lavender had had eyebrows, they would be up to his forehead. Though he had previously been sitting to watch the demonstration, he sprang up on his tail, short arms gesticulating wildly.

“I know, Ven. I just want to keep you safe. You were a gift from a woman I admire - and you're mine. You're under my protection. I can't let anything happen to you. Normal-types are only weak to fighting-type moves, so, please trust me.” She had expected Lavender's surprised reaction to her form of training. It would have been possible to spring it on him, but Dionisia wanted her Pokemon to trust, not fear, her.

Lavender slowly lowered himself down off his tail, eyeing Dionisia. He slowly walked over to her. When he was close, he sprang up into the air, and whacked Dionisia on the head with his tail. She stagged, clutching her scalp. “Ow, ow, ow, ouch - ow, that hurt!” When she had recovered enough to stand straight, the Sentret was in front of her, having scrambled up the twisted branches of the tree. His arms were spread wide, the target on his belly exposed.

“I'm not going to hit you until you say I can, even if you hit me,” Dionisia said, facing Lavender. She had one hand on her head, feeling for any bleeding Lavender's hit may have caused. Satisfied that there should be nothing but some bruising, she laid her hands out to Lavender.

“I'll stay here until you say I can move.”

Lavender looked at his Handler curiously as she steadied herself. She was his Handler, but she was not Pack. Pack kept each other safe and whole. Pack did not attack each other - but she had not hit him. He had hit her. The threat of violence had been enough to make him retaliate. No, she was not Pack. But she could be.

Still on his branch, Lavender poked Dionisia's arm gently. The human looked down to find a nodding Sentret, pointing towards his belly. “Are you sure?” Dionisia said. She didn't want to misinterpret any of Lavender's movements. Sentrets weren't a species she'd had much contact with before.

Lavender nodded. Or attempted to nod. It came off more as a whole body movement.

“Okay. Now - you need to learn to brace yourself with the punch. Tighten your muscles and prepare to be hit if your opponent is going for your center. If not, you want to lean back from the punch slightly, and roll with it. Make sure to try and keep your balance, also. Getting knocked down in a fight is a hard thing to get up from, and your opponent can do almost anything while you're trying to get up. Ready to try?”

With that, Dionisia sent a light punch out, colliding with the Sentret's furry belly. Lavender attempted to brace himself, but was unable to in time and was forced to move backwards on the branch. He hopped back to his previous position, indicating that Dionisia should try again.

The training went on for a while, Lavender slowly learning when the best time to brace for Dionisia's punches were. After she was satisfied that he could take a punch to the stomach well, she looked Lavender up and down. “Well … you are mostly center. You have a big target right there, even. I think it's best to call it a day and cool down.”

With that, she beckoned to Lavender to get the pack she had brought. After he had brought it back, she laid out a blanket and some food, smiling at her little Sentret working his way through the meal.

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 Posted: Jul 5 2014, 05:27 PM
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nerd hater
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Elena "Ellie" Fletcher, Clare Everhart,

Awards: 2

Writing Quality and Length: 3/5
There is definitely a lot to be desired when it comes to length. Plenty of time was spent setting the scene (which was nice), but only the last roughly two hundred words contained any of the actual training for fighting-type resistence. Training is the focus, and thus should be the bulk of the post. Make sure to lengthen and describe your next training in detail.

Training Effectiveness/Plausibility/Creativity: 3/5
The method is plausible, if not exactly effective. Again, additional points could have been earned if more time was spent describing and varying the actual training. Lavender did appear receptive to Dionisia’s explanations, and thus he will earn a greater understanding of fighting-types. However, he will not gain any resistance to fighting-types until he is exposed to actual fighting-type moves (and you are free to spawn pokemon in your trainings, if you wish). Another, more in-depth training should net you more substantial fighting resistance and happiness.

Wow Factor: 0/2

  • Lavender earns 6 EXP!
  • Lavender increases to level 6!
  • Two comments have been added to Lavender’s notes:
    • “Has a better understanding of Fighting-type moves than regular normal-type pokemon.”
    • “Trusts his handler.”

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 Posted: Feb 23 2015, 11:35 AM
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Dionisia Bosc, James Achilles

Awards: 6

  • Increase Lavender's resistance to fighting moves

It had taken Dio no small amount of time to find a fighting-type willing to test their mettle against Lavender. She had run, it seemed, all over Navdia looking for wild fighting-types, but was unsuccessful in her quest. None of the trainer nearby had fighting-types, either; she had gritted her teeth and thanked them before moving on. She had given up, walking back to her parents' stall, when her mother had ridden up with her newest catches.

"Something wrong, Dionisia?" her mother said, tying Ezekiel to the side of their stall and digging through her bag. She came up with a smile, Pokeballs minimized in her hands.
She placed them on the stall as Dio talked.

"No, Mom, I'm peachy as an Apricorn," Dio said, sighing. "I've been looking for a fighting-type because I want to negate Lav's disadvantage, but it seems like every fighting-type around Navdia has disappeared."

Asra smiled up at her daughter, eyes sparking with mischief. "Looks like you're in luck, kid. I caught a couple of Mankey down on Route Ten. Your brat can get his training and I'll get free advertising as to how tough my wares are. There's a rough ring about a klick that way - hop on Ezekiel and I'll grab one of the Mankeys and you."


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