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 Rough Timeline of the Region
 Posted: Jul 4 2014, 12:22 AM
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It's a box of spiders.
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Branson Faust, Rohesia Clements

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Modern Year 756 > Modern Day Harper; not yet having discovered the recipe for gunpowder, with Black Powder being a rare and exotic good reserved primarily for the naval fleet's cannons.
(as of 7/21/2016. Will roll over to year 757 on the day of the Grand Festival)
    --------> The Great Schism
    --------> Naturalization of foreign species of pokemon (gen 7 release)
Modern Year 753> Discovered and adopted the Printing Press
Modern Year 751 >
    --------> Rediscovery of the Pennant Isles
    --------> Fairy types return to the region
Modern Year 750 > The mages' plague scours the region's pokemon population
Modern Year 749 > Her Majesty Isadora Rhodes roots out and destroys powerful counterfeiting ring

Modern Year 512 > Sombulism reforms, distorted, from scraps of legend.
Modern Year 500 > The Council is established for civil government alongside the Nobility

Modern Year 450 > International trade resumes, region prospers economically

Modern Year 416 > Church's power enters into decline
Modern Year 415 > Nobility and the Queen's Men rally and finally return order to the region, stripping much power from the Church and creating a secular government

Modern Year 305 > Formal establishment of the Mages' Guild in the Shattersky Range
Modern Year 300 > Church of Arceus's inquisition era/Hundred Years' War
    --------> Eradication of virtually all non-healing magics
    --------> Hatred and distrust for Magic becomes deeply rooted in the region's culture and collective mind.
Modern Year 250 > Church of Arceus becomes the dominant political and social force in the region
    --------> Based in an island Monastery in the Seaway Chain (still existent as the seat of the Church)
    --------> Region nears theocratic regime; queen's power wanes
Modern Year 50 > Region expands to and populates the southern tip of Cypwater
Modern Year 30 > Region expands to and populates the western coast
Modern Year 14 > Harper's formal settlement/formation as a region
    --------> Pokeballs are brought to the region and begin to eclipse/replace apricorns and non-pokeball partnerings and Mage-bonds
Modern Year 0 > ========= Arcean Era Begins / The Harper's Flight North Begins ==========

Tribal Era: Ancient Year 1084 - Modern Year 0
> Tribal Peoples of Note Form in the region
    --------> Queen Candace of the Northern Reaches reign overlaps with the Harper's Settlement. Best known for her legendary Arcanine and dominance throughout the area that is now the Pass and the Cape, as well as becoming the first Harperian Queen and rumored to have been the Harper's Wife. Based on the Celts.
    --------> Bulwari developed
    --------> The Dorani settled beyond the Crescents early after Sombula's entombment, but remained seminomadic
>Balican Faith forms

>Apricorns and mage-bonds used in lieu of modern and ancient pokeball designs.

Ancient Year 1084 > ========= End of the Golden Age / Beginning of the Tribal Years =========

Ancient Year 1085 > Sombula's Banishment/Entombment
    --------> Resultant in the destruction of the native Roselia and Noctowl lines within the region
Ancient Years 1157-1085 > Sombula's reign of Terror
    --------> Eradication of native Fairy Types on the mainland
    --------> Eruption of the Pennant Caldera, creating the Pennant Isles
    --------> Failure of the great ancient civilizations; cities razed, cultures reduced to literal memory/dreams of Sombula, the region brought back to small scale tribal groups
    --------> Technology and magical learning largely lost; was previously comparable to the Roman & Byzantine empires' or better.
Ancient Years 3012-1157 > Various Empires/Kingdoms throughout the region grow and flourish. Among those, some ruins exist for:
    --------> Around Harper's Pass -- constructed the pyramid temple there as well as extensive catacombs/subterranean structures in natural and pokemon augmented caverns throughout the bedrock
    --------> Sprawling in the heart of the then-fertile Nav
    --------> Forest Kingdom in the heart of the Edgewood
    --------> Pennant Isles, still one big chunk of land, center of magic
>Polytheistic Worship of the Old Gods throughout this Era
    --------> Darkrai/Cresselia, Elemental Birds/Dogs, Celebi, Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza, Xerneas/Yveltal, etc. all worshiped in aspect as deities known and adopted through trading and the exchange of legends and religion with other regions
    --------> Harper's primary/patron god was Sombula, then awake and largely benevolent (or at least disinterested), master of memory, dream, and consciousness. Sombula's proximity granted great power and influence to both the psychics and the dark types that would oppose and constrain or limit them.


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