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 Catching Pokemon
 Posted: Mar 26 2011, 10:01 AM
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Catching a Pokémon
    Pokémon in Harper are caught using the same device as pretty much every other region: the pokeball. While in some aspects this process is the same as it would be in any of the games, there are also some circumstances where captures may take place without a battle or under other conditions.
General Capture Methods
  • Battling the Pokémon: Friendliness: Neutral
    The most well known and classic method is to battle the wild pokémon until it is near fainting, preferably with a status problem, then throwing a pokeball. It is usually, but not always, successful. Of course, it could be caught at any time during the battle, but a strong, healthy pokémon is much more likely to be able to break or figure a way out of the ball before it has been locked and therefore caught. A trainer's pokémon will gain experience from the capture just as if it had beaten the pokémon into a fainted state. With this method of capture, the opponent pokemon is not fainted and generally will admit defeat although this applies to any capture made in a battle prior to fainting.

    A regular pokeball has a 35% base chance of capturing a healthy pokemon in battle. This method typically results in neutral friendliness. However, because battle conditions vary, this may not always result in a neutrally friendly pokemon (brutality of the battle, the wild pokemon's amount of respect for its opponent, whether it considers itself beaten, and temperament can all factor in if there is reason) but most of the time will result in such.
  • Making the Pokémon Faint: Friendliness: Slightly Below Neutral
    Fainted pokémon in the wild will recover after a while, and are not permanently injured in most cases, and a pokémon that has been fainted in battle may still be caught. Fainted pokémon cannot resist the ball in their unconscious or stunned state, but will be much, much more likely to resist their trainer's wishes both because they had no opportunity to fight the capture and because waking up within a pokeball or at a healer's hand are very disconcerting for the pokémon. Not all faint-captured pokémon will resist the trainer, of course, and much of it depends on the personality of the pokémon itself and how the battle went.
  • Brutal Faint: Friendliness: Moderate to Severe Dislike
    Just as the name implies, severity depends on just how brutal it was. This results in a guaranteed capture of a pokemon. The friendliness of these captures are moderate to severe dislike of the trainer and greater likelihood of disobedience.
  • Helping a Wounded Pokémon: Friendliness: Slightly Above Neutral
    Sometimes, a trainer will happen upon a battle between two wild pokémon. These battles are not always safe like most trainer battles would be. The pokémon are effectively wild animals and need to hunt and protect their young and territory just like any other animal, and sometimes they can get hurt or even die. While dead pokémon cannot be caught and cannot be revived (see the ghost pokémon topic for more on this), a wounded pokémon may or may not offer itself to be caught for protection. This could move the attacking pokémon (if there is one) to shift its attention to you and your pokémon, provoking a battle, but the captured pokémon will trust you far more quickly and will almost certainly be caught. A wounded pokémon can often be caught very easily even if it doesn't offer itself, too. These kind of captures also can generally walk with their pokémon outside of the pokeball readily, with no fear of the pokémon attempting to cause trouble.*
  • Hatched pokémon: Friendliness: Moderately Friendly
    Pokémon who have hatched from eggs in your possession will not resist when placed into a pokeball shortly after being hatched. These kind of captures also can walk with their pokémon outside of the pokeball readily, with no fear of the pokémon attempting to cause trouble.*
  • Befriending a pokémon: Friendliness: Moderately to Very Friendly
    Occasionally, a wild pokémon will aid a traveler or harass them on their journey. Sometimes, the trainer can either quickly or gradually make friends with that pokémon and capture it without any resistance. The Harper and his riolu are a prime example of this kind of a capture. Some trainers choose to only ever capture pokémon by first becoming friends, and claim that they are better with their pokémon both in battle and in relationships because of it. These kind of captures also can generally walk with their pokémon outside of the pokeball readily, with no fear of the pokémon attempting to cause trouble.* Depending on how touching or effective the befriending is, the pokemon may be only moderately or very friendly towards the handler.
*A pokémon can be befriended after it is caught and be kept out of its pokeball in time if the trainer so wishes, but certain capture methods ensure that this can take place immediately. Pokémon will never be able to successfully flee unless a trainer releases them thanks to a failsafe call-back mechanism on the pokeball in case of emergencies.

Additionally, Pokemon captures performed in a freeform may have the possibility of granting more than five happiness bars (neutral) if its presence and background in the thread are particularly excellent.

Pokeball Range
    Pokeballs in Harper have a bit of a catch -- distance. Each type of ball has a different range, generally correlating to the quality of the ball. Basic pokeballs need to have the pokemon within easy ball-throwing distance (~80-100 feet or 24-30 meters) and increasing the range by about 50 feet/15 meters per upgrade, making the great ball have a range of up to 150 feet and the ultra ball 200. This matters both for attempting a capture and for returning a pokemon to its ball. Beyond that range, the return has a high change of failure that increases exponentially as the distance from its ball increases, and the pokemon may also shake off the summons to return if it is so inclined.

    If a pokeball is stolen and is in the possession (or profile) of another handler, the Abra Network will change the ownership indicated on the pokeball's profile after it has gained one level with the new handler, regardless of the intentions of both the previous handler and the pokemon itself.


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