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 Death & Ghost Pokemon
 Posted: Mar 26 2011, 09:15 PM
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Ghosts are some of the most often feared pokemon in the region because of their affiliation with death and the way they are most frequently created. They have a number of odd powers, not all of which are nice, and most of which are poorly understood. Unlike their psychic counterparts, they cannot communicate with their trainers mentally, but they do share a number of powers with them. Here, you will find a list of those powers as well as a brief summary of what happens to dead pokemon and how ghost pokemon differ from other types.

Pokemon Death and the Creation of Ghosts
    It is a sad fact of life that all things must eventually die. Unfortunately, this includes pokemon, and because this is a realistic roleplay, pokemon can be killed by people, other pokemon, or even die of old age. While the moderators will never make an effort to kill your pokemon, sometimes the result is inevitable if appropriate caution isn't taken. Sometimes the dying pokemon is dinner for a carnivorous pokemon, or the victim of another, more twisted handler. No matter the cause, you might someday find yourself with a dying pokemon on your hands.

    Pokemon create ghosts upon their death about 30% of the time, and dead pokemon cannot be healed or revived. This ghost can be any pure ghost type, and only a pure ghost type with the sole exceptions of Gastly, Spiritomb and Sableye. The spawned ghost will be level 3 and will have, at most, the grudges and hates of the deceased pokemon. These often seem to be amplified in the ghost, and some scientists speculate that this negative feeling is what creates the baby ghost pokemon to begin with. Ghost pokemon, however, will never spawn another ghost.

    Yamask is the only exceptions to this rule about memories. They are spawned when handlers die, and will retain all the memories of their past life as well as their old face. This occurs only 1-5% of the time. A phantump's memory may be more blurry due to its partial ghost type and its being conceived of children.

    Every ghost pokemon, whether hatched or spawned, has a trigger that will send it into a fury. Oftentimes, the trigger is never seen or touched and the ghost will behave like a normal pokemon -- or as normal as a ghost can get. If the pokemon is triggered, however, it will savagely attack or fight the offending object, event, pokemon, or person with no regard for its own life and safety. Spawned pokemon are more likely to trigger at something relating to its previous life. Triggers can usually be calmed by returning the ghost to its pokeball until the offending thing is gone or past. Handlers of ghosts must be especially careful about their pokemon if their trigger has been discovered. While it can be a great tool, it can also get the ghost killed.

    How well a ghost remembers its past does not seem to depend on any known factors. Many remember their early life so clearly they can recall faces, information and locations. Many more barely recall that they were once a different pokemon at all. Players are welcome to decide their ghost-type's memory if it does not contradict anything pre-established by a moderator.

    Main Points
    • 30% chance of creation of a pure ghost on pokemon death
    • 1-5% chance of creation of a yamask or phantump upon handler/child death
    • All ghosts have 'triggers' that will send them into uncontrollable rage
Ghost Powers
    Pure Ghost-types [& Gastly, Spiritomb and Sableye]
      • Can pass through solid objects with ease.
      • Can possess only recently deceased bodies and manipulate them for long periods of time not exceeding six hours, after which the body must be released for at least an hour and a half. The ghost must release the body by sunset until the next morning's sunrise if possessed during the day. If possessed during the night, the body must be released by sunrise until the next night.
      • Can create large-scale illusions and affect the physical world as far as making objects glow brightly, projecting indistinct, inhuman voices, et cetera. No one knows how they accomplish these things. Dark types have a 50/50 chance of seeing through these, unlike psychic illusions.
      • Can lift and move objects freely.
      • Can completely conceal objects, themselves, or people (the number depends on the pokemon's level and the size of the people/person in question) from sight in shadows.
      • May be able to manipulate and feed off of emotions through suggestion.
    Half Ghost-types
      http://i51.tinypic.com/wvd4er.jpg/[any other type]
      • Can pass through solid objects slowly with effort.
      • Can possess only recently deceased bodies in good condition for short periods of time not exceeding three hours, after which the body must be released for at least an hour and a half. The ghost must release the body by sunset until the next morning's sunrise if possessed during the day. If possessed during the night, the body must be released by sunrise until the next night.
      • Can create small illusions and affect the physical world to make things glow faintly, create sounds (although not voices), and moving objects smaller than themselves with some concentration.
      • Can conceal themselves in deep shadow and at night.
Autumn and Ghosts
    Oddly enough, for as long as Harper Region had existed, fall has had a very visible and powerful effect on ghost-types. This happens annually, without fail, and the shift in their behavior is often a more reliable sign that the season has changed than the falling of leaves or the weather turning chilly. During that time frame, there are certain boosts any pokemon with a ghost typing, whether primary or secondary, receive, as well as a price for that power:
    • Ghost-type attacks, when performed by a ghost, will gain a 1.75x boost ON TOP OF the usual STAB boost. Secondary effects included with ghost-type attack moves will have a bonus 10% chance of activating, and accuracy of ghost-type moves, if not at 100%, will be raised by 5%.
    • Ghost-type attacks, when performed by a non-ghost, will gain a 1.5x boost. Secondary effects included with ghost-type attack moves will have a bonus 5% chance of activating, and accuracy of ghost-type moves, if not at 100%, will be raised by 3%
    • Ghost-types' self-control will go down during this time. They will be very easily triggered (to the point where just hearing something about the trigger they can make associations in their mind and fly off the handle), become much more violent and mean in their mischief, and even those partnered with humans, depending on whether they're pure or half, will fall under this effect. Once they have been triggered, the handler will have to wait at least 12 hours IC instead of just returning the pokemon to their ball to calm it down. Once it does, the ghost will become exhausted for another few hours. Pokemons hit hardest by this effect are those with a dark/ghost typing.
    • Pure ghosts may possess dead bodies up to 72 hours. Half-ghosts may possess dead bodies up to 48 hours.
    • Half-ghosts gain some other attributes of a pure ghost-type: they may move through solid objects with ease, create complex illusions, freely pick up and move objects, and completely conceal themselves and others in shadow.
Ghosts and Possession
    Ghosts are able to possess recently deceased bodies as part of their abilities on Harper. However, there are some conditions inherent to them in addition to the ones listed above and by their typing:
    • The cooldown period is specifically for the bodies involved, as said bodies start to decompose much faster during ghost possession than in other situations.

      However, the speed at which a ghost switches between bodies is dependent on their strength and level. A ghost below Level 20 would need to rest about ten minutes between bodies in order to rest and regain their strength or else risk injury. However, a ghost that is Level 20 and above can start to switch between bodies without pause, though of course possessing a body will still wear down on their stamina.
    • In terms of possession, the ghost's physical size is irrelevant. However, its capability is based on its level - thus, a younger or leveled ghost would not be capable of possessing as large a body as one of a higher level.
    • The usage of abilities, including performing moves, whilst possessing a body would be related to the ghost's level. Generally, possessing a body and utilizing their other ghost-powers at once is extremely tiring for the ghost; younger or lower-leveled ghosts would struggle severely with the task while a powerful or much higher-leveled ghost would be able to do both with relative ease.

      However, doing so may negatively impact the length of the body possession time depending on circumstance and what powers are used. In addition, any special-type attacks that the ghost attempts will be at 0.75x power; they are not able to use any physical-type attacks at all, as they are physically possessing - and are puppeteering - a body.


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