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 Special Case Pokemon II, Elgyem/Trubbish/Munna/Sigilyph/Shellos
 Posted: Mar 27 2011, 01:01 PM
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    Both Elgyem and its evolution are known to be able to manipulate memories, but while this is true, this ability does have some drawbacks. The power will only take hold if eye-contact is maintained, and will not remain in effect if the pokémon travels more than ten feet from the target. The farther away the pokémon becomes, the weaker its influence becomes. Its powers are cancelled out if it is returned to a pokeball or captured, and the victim suffers violent migraines and almost always collapses upon release. A few cases of death from internal hemorrhaging in the brain as a result of being released after an extended period of control by an Elgyem or Beeheeyem have been reported, typically after a year or more of constant or maintained manipulation.

    These pokémon are exceedingly rare.
    Trubbish and its evolution are illegal to train in Harper Region without a handling permit and an intensive training course due to contamination fears, although some people do still train them without a permit. Courses' costs are covered by the city and generally span several months, and trubbish are most frequently obtained from the city itself due to the general habit of catching and turning in wild trubbish. Those trainers who are caught illegally training trubbish tend to be dealt with quickly with a very large fine and either forced classes at the trainer's expense or confiscation of the pokémon.

    These pokémon are present only in the run down areas of Harper's largest cities and are suspected to have been brought from other regions. Although they are not common, they are generally seen as pests and indicators of filth (much like the native grimer, which is also unpopular) and are supposed to be caught and turned in to authorities.
    Munna and Musharna cannot be rendered incapable of battle by being made to fall asleep by a pokémon move. Munna and Musharna are unique in that they are entirely sentient and capable of thought, motion, and battle while asleep, and will continue to respond to their trainers. They must wake up to feed off of others' dreams and to breed. It should be noted that they are not always asleep, but simply not impeded by it.
    After nearly a century of research, this pokémon has been found to live for an indefinitely long time unless killed by physical means. They will produce a maximum of two eggs during their lifetime and are immune to pokémon diseases and fatal poisoning. They tend to be very difficult to train and befriend, due especially to their habit of always attempting to return to the location of their capture to continue an ancient patrol of a forgotten place near Miramossa. Researchers have been studying their patrol patterns to understand the nature of Miramossa more adequately, but with little success due to the defensive nature of these pokémon.
    Shellos and Gastrodon both have a special form that is unique to the Harper Region as such:
    http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/422shellos.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/423gastrodon_1.png
    Sprites' bases are © Nintendo, all edits were sprited by Rosalie.

    They are capable of mild regeneration, in the form of lost limbs or appendages if no more than one or two are lost at a time. Any more and the body will be too weak to regenerate them all quickly. Any harm done to the main body, neck or head can only be healed by potions or a healer.


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