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 Miles Ashford-Thatcher, Sir Eev | Handler
 Posted: Oct 20 2014, 02:12 PM
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Background Admins/Head Mods
Total Posts: 1381
Member No. 35
Joined on 21-September 11.

Teleza (Leza) Kafele, Hyacinthe

Awards: 1

Character: Miles Ashford-Thatcher
user posted image

Full Name: Miles Ashford-Thatcher
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Seeks the company of women

Class: Handler
Starting City: Fough Place
Credits: Lv.02 [ 3.0 / 5 ]
Condition: Fine

Overall Appearance:
    Although Miles isn’t the “prettiest” of men by any means, neither is he especially unattractive. With brown eyes to match that of his shaggy, unkempt hair, his mother often joked that he was “full of miltank dung” because of their coloring. Further contributing to the earthen-toned pallet that was his face, dark brown stubble outlines his jawline that simply refuses to grow out much farther than mere stubble, a fact that irks him, but doesn’t at the same time. “At least I don’t have to shave,” the voice of laziness reasons optimistically. Lazy, however, was not how one would describe his voice. Husky was more accurate. Often tinged with sarcasm and sass aplenty, it was deep, had a certain rasp to it that the ladies found appealing, and just seemed right for a man of his stature.

    Despite nine years spent in the service of the Guard, all that remains of Miles’ muscle tone is a layer of fat and a beer gut earned through inactivity and alcoholism over the following four years. During that time, he’s managed to keep the majority of his strength without having to do much of anything to keep it up, his six foot, two inch frame and countless hours of training largely attributed to his body’s effortless upkeep. But a physique such as his couldn’t have come without cost. Time spent as a Guardian had taken its toll on his body, marring his body with an assortment of scars: a bite-mark on his left shoulder from a mighthyena that thought he was trying to hurt her pups, a cut above his right eyebrow earned in an overly heated practice bout that almost cost him his eye, several across the knuckles of his dominant, right hand from when he shoved his fist through a pane of glass, and (finally) an array of smaller, less noticeable nicks and cuts from all sorts of different scenarios.

    Rarely ever would one find Miles dress in something other than a black tunic, a symbol of his mourning the loss of Bryce Dunlap, a kinsmen Guardian and dearest childhood friend. In continuity with that theme, black breeches most often cover his legs and, black boots, his feet, but he carries no weapon on his person other than his bare fists—the standard Guardian shortsword and various other weapons he had attained confiscated from him when he was expelled from service. The only accessory that he carries on him is the amulet that his mother gave him before she left Fough with his father, Tomas. As a constant reminder of his family, he never removes it from around his neck, even while he sleeps.
Distinguishing Features:
  • Scars aplenty
  • Tall
Overall Personality:
    More often than not, Miles Ashford-Thatcher can be found in one type of place in particular—anywhere that serves alcohol. Being an alcoholic of his caliber, however, consists of more than simply binging on more than one’s fair share of spirits. It’s a full-time job! Night in and night out (and even as early as midday) the ex-Guardian can be found amongst the crowd of any number of taverns in Fough Place, although the Kingdra’s Krown has taken the honor of primary beneficiary of his business, a bar that is home to mediocre drink and women (his second passion) alike. But at the end of the day, Miles always returns to his room at the Cresselia's Dream (an inn owned by an old friend of his: Jackson Krueger) to recuperate and do it all again the next day.

    Because of his activities, he’s become somewhat famous in Fough, although he’s not the type of celebrity that most look favorably upon. Dubbed the town drunk, he brushes off the moniker without concern. Simply put, he could care less what those people think. They would be doing the same thing as he if they had been through what he had. Whatever the case, he still plays the part. When inebriated, the man’s personality is subject to drastic changes depending on his mood for the day and the brand of alcohol he’s imbibing. While brandy is his favorite form of alcohol due to both the taste and the warm feeling that it creates in his stomach, mead is a close second, which he drinks about as often to switch things up, and he appreciates the bitterness of ale. All three of these fermented beverages will make him a bubbly, easy-going drunk who is prone to singing (which, admittedly, he’s quite good at) and dancing (something he’s not so good at… like… at all). Alternately, if he’s in a bad mood, Miles steers clear of rum, bourbon, and hard liquor as they all make him violent, a factoid he’s learned through bad experiences.

    On the occasion that he’s completely sober—every 6th day as a matter of fact—Thatcher is a sarcastic asshole by all accounts not among his few friends. Bitter at the world and certain people within it, he’s lost the friendliness and charm that once used to characterize his childhood as he’s morphed into an untrusting, pessimistic version of his former self who has a love for sarcasm. But he’s not completely without good qualities either. While few are privy to the knowledge, Miles is the kind of man that, once you earn his respect, will give up his own life and/or walk to the ends of the earth with you, a loyal man for sure. Some might speculate that his fidelity is attributed to his father’s incessant drilling of morals into his head as a boy, of which little has stuck, admittedly. Others might suggest that this trait is derived from his mother’s infidelity to his father, something that he’s never quite managed to forgive her for, despite being able to understand her situation, had a part. And others still may even contribute that the bond between three childhood friends was enough to solidify his faith in fellow man enough that it managed to stick with him to this day.

    Aside from unwavering loyalty, Miles is a better judge of character than most, and uses that to his advantage in choosing his friends, or even someone to work with. Albeit to a fault sometimes, he is an honest man, often perceived as brazen or curt because of it. But at least one can count on him to tell it to you straight, without any embellishments or fabrications that others might add to avoid hurting their feelings or whatever other reasons—he simply doesn’t care, and he makes no pangs to hide it. As is the case, he’s quick to call people out on his pet peeves: obnoxious finger tapping, being snapped at like a dog, or being talked to condescendingly, most notably, but even he knows that he’s not without his quirks. His apparent need to crack his neck and knuckles, for example, or the way he answers questions with questions or even his minor case of claustrophobia. Still, while he hardly ever is looking for a fight, he’s not the kind to back down from a challenge, no matter who it’s from, and he’s fully capable of defending himself if the situation demands it; after all, he was a Guardian for nine years.

    What Thatcher is not, is a religious man, although he is not without his own beliefs. For starters, he is of the mind that every individual is free to their own opinion, decisions, experiences, and anything else that they require to create their own view of the world with religion being merely a focus, a tool. Something for those of weaker resolve to have something to believe in other than themselves. Then again, he admits that those that follow a certain religion may very well end up being correct, making him the one in the wrong. But until someone is able to prove it to him that a higher power exists, he’s more than content to keep the beliefs that he already possesses.
    Born in Fough Place during the Midsummer’s Eve Festival, the early years of Thatcher’s life were spent more carefree than most, never having want for anything in particular. Occasionally, he would help his mother brew spirits if she would allow it but, for the most part, he was largely unburdened until the age of fourteen when he enlisted in the Guard. Although he wasn’t especially popular, he socialized with the other children of Fough during those years, gaining two lifelong friendships in the process: Bryce Dunlap and Jacobi Mallard. The three of them spent practically every waking moment together from the moment they met, finding trouble like no other group of boys could. Were they not heisting spirits from his mother’s stocks or whisking away the innocent young girls to do things that their mothers had warned them against, they were most often brawling with one another or exploring the city of Fough and its surrounding lands. A specific watering hole in particular in the nearby forest became a favorite hideout of theirs. Many adventures took place in that glade, discovered when Miles was eleven. With small imagination, the woods were transformed into a wondrous place of adventure where some of the greatest deeds known to man had been accomplished. Daring escapes, dread quests, and mightily contested battles had been witnessed by the silent trees as they gave vent to their youthful dreams of coming manhood.

    Naturally, when the time for becoming men came, the rag-tag group of misfits took to the Guard, where they fostered their childhood friendship into a relationship more akin to that of brethren than anything else. Together, they learned the intricacies of reading a map and a pokecard as well as how to ride, fight, hunt, track, cook, build a fire, pitch a tent and many other survival tactics necessary for their chosen occupation. Miles, of course, had learned at least the basics of these from his father and acted as a mentor for the other two boys, who each had their own strengths and weaknesses when it came to learning them. The young man’s relationship with his father also strengthened upon his coming of age. Then a Senior Guardian opposed to a Lieutenant, his father was assigned to him to accompany on his first several missions; coincidentally, this is when young Miles was introduced to Jackson Krueger, a close friend of his father’s and owner of the Cresselia’s Dream inn that hosted jobs for the Junior Guardian until he advanced to the next rank when he took on more difficult jobs.

    Given a female mudkip as his Guardian’s pokemon—whom he named Brandy, admittedly after his favorite drink that his mother brewed—Miles treated the water-type no different than he might a human. That is to say, she had to earn his trust and respect. And that she did. On more than one occasion, she had proven herself to be a loyal and trustworthy partner. Sometimes, he mused that she was more of a Guardian than he was, but the man kept that thought mostly to himself—his father would have his hide if he ever heard his son say something so blasphemous! Regardless, he held the mudfish’s company was just as vital to his development as his relationship with Bryce and Jacobi and, in the nine years they had spent together, he had nursed her into a marshtomp… That is, before tragedy separated them and changed the man in ways he could have never anticipated.

    As a test to determine his eligibility for advancement to Senior Guardian rank, Miles (23) was given the charge of confronting and apprehending a well-known and infamous poacher by the name of Leon Sneed who was rumored to be camped nearby. Among the details of the assignment, he was allowed to enlist the aid of up to two persons; obviously, his choices were predictable. Armed with whatever supplies they needed, the pokemon that the trio had trained and the knowledge they had obtained over the years, the group set out to find the poacher. Fast forward four days later, and they had succeeded in tracking him, but they still had to arrest the man. Little did they know exactly what they were getting in to. Without much of a plan, Miles commanded the troupe to charge straight into what would be a trap against heavy protest from his two friends. Stubbornness kept the man of twenty three from listening to their advice, and his folly cost Bryce his life, while Jacobi and he managed to narrowly escape a similar fate. Utterly embarrassed and emotionally wrecked, Miles and Jacobi returned to their commanding patron with a strained relationship; Jacobi simply couldn’t forgive his friend for stupidity that cost their brother their life. As fate would have it, Jacobi made an early investment into his dream to own a ranch, leaving the distraught man to his own devices. That same day, the man resigned his position as a Guardian, making it official by giving Brandy to his superiors. She deserved better. From that day forth, is when the man took up alcoholism and the day-to-day routine that he currently finds himself in, his biggest dream to one day exact revenge on Bryce’s killer and mend his broken relationship with Jacobi. Until he can think of some way to accomplish that, however, he simply wastes his life away, drinking.

    - - - - -

    Key NPCs

    Tomas Thatcher – Father

    Mathilde Ashford – Mother

    Bryce Dunlap

    Jacobi Mallard – “Goose”

    Jackson Krueger – “Jack”, Carline Krueger, Autumn Krueger

The Player:

Anything Else:
-Tried to keep the Key NPCs to bare basics and their relationship to Miles that way there's some play room later on.
-Trading in Aren for Miles.
-I feel like I should be getting pretty good at these apps by now, but I feel like the app itself is missing something but I can't put a finger on it. Despite that, I feel like I got a pretty solid handle on this dude, personality wise, and I'm eager to get him going!
-Please, whoever mods these, don’t be shy to ask questions! I know I left a decent amount of info open-ended so, if you’re in doubt, just ask! PLEASE!
-It may be a little slow going at first, admittedly, and I’m okay with that. Please don’t feel too much need to get him going on a mission right away.
-SORRY! For all the added points and extra work! http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/emoticons/4.png


Items Bag:

Money: 820g
  • (1) Pokecard
  • (5) Pokeballs
  • (8) Potions
  • (5) Rare Candies
  • (1) Nest Ball
  • (2) Mental Herb
  • (1) Dragon Fang
  • (1) Flying-type Move Tutor Coupon
  • (1) Steel-Type Attracting Incense
  • (1) Yellow Flute
  • (1) White Flute
  • (1) Psychic Amulet
  • (1) Eviolite
  • (1) Darkinium Z
  • (1) Flyinium Z
  • (1) Fightinium Z
  • (1) Grassium Z
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/berrybag.png Berries:
  • (1) Oran berry
  • (1) Chesto berry
http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/tmcase.png TM & HMs:
Player Items:
  • (1) 3rd Character Coupon
Mission: (if applicable)

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 Posted: Oct 20 2014, 02:16 PM
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Background Admins/Head Mods
Total Posts: 1381
Member No. 35
Joined on 21-September 11.

Teleza (Leza) Kafele, Hyacinthe

Awards: 1

Party pokémon


Stored pokémon

http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/258mudkip.png http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif

Lv. 03 Exp: 0/4
Friendliness: {||||||||||}
Original Handler: Jonna Shipston ( Mindir )
Held Item: ---
Health & Condition: Fine
Torrent: When HP is below 1/3rd of its maximum, power of Water-Type moves is increased by 50%
Damp: Explosion and Self Destruct will not work while the pokemon is on the field.
Moves: [ primary / secondary ]
Tackle, Growl, Barrier [egg], Ice Ball [egg], Rain Dance, Scald, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Mimic [tutor], Endure [tutor]
Received from Holiday Promo '14 at Level 1
Traded from Jonna Shipston at Level 1

:spritehere: http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335252.gif / http://files.jcink.net/uploads/harperregion/sprites/e335251.gif
Species or Name

Lv. ## Exp: 0/4
Friendliness: {||||||||||}
Original Handler: --- ( --- )
Held Item: ---
Health & Condition: ---
Abilities: ---
Moves: [ primary / secondary ]

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