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 Water pokémon, Concerning movement on land
 Posted: Mar 27 2011, 03:41 PM
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Water Types
    Water pokémon are one of, if not the most challenging type of pokémon to play in a region like Harper, where the majority of the region is land based. While there may be certain areas and island chains as yet undiscovered that would open more water venues for them, water pokémon owned by handlers have their own ways to deal with dry land -- and no, don't worry, your pokémon will not drown/suffocate.
Movement Speed Comparisons
    A number of water pokémon are ill-adapted for life, battle, and movement on land. While they can survive out of water as far as breathing goes, all water pokémon who are not in possession of legs will have their speeds on land reduced.

    50% normal.
    Jellyfish-Shaped: 60-70%
    Eel-shaped: 75% normal.
    Ball-shaped: No change, but maneuverability is much lower.

    In water, all water pokémon lacking legs gain an extra 30% boost in speed.
Expanded Explanations by Body Type
Note that water pokémon with legs shall be disregarded, as they can move fine.
  • Fish-shaped & Shelled Pokémon
      Fish-shaped pokémon such as goldeen or magikarp can move around pretty much by hopping and leaping. They will be half as fast on land as they are in any body of water. Each different fish may have a different way of coping, and some will be worse than others at maneuvering on land.

      Pokémon like clamperl and shellder move by hopping also, however they rock their shells forward and back to move themselves rather than leaping like the softer-bodied pokémon do. They may also be able to wobble forward by moving their weight to one side and teetering back and forth while pivoting.
  • Round Pokémon
      Pokémon such as qwilfish or wailord may either inflate themselves or swell up with water and roll around to move at an average speed. However, they may have trouble changing directions quickly. Like the fish and shell pokémon, they also have the ability to bounce.
  • Tentacled pokémon
      Pokémon who have tentacles vary in their ability to move on land. For example, tentacool and tentacruel would be able to drag themselves along at best, or possibly swing from trees, becoming more hindered the larger they were, but octillery would have little trouble moving across the ground as they would at the bottom of the sea and experience little to no movement reduction, and frillish/jellicent are able to levitate thanks to their part-ghost typing. Omanyte and omastar would face challenges similar to octillery, although omastar would have more difficulty thanks to the position of its face.
  • Snake-like pokémon
      Snake like pokémon such as gorebyss and huntail can move on land in the same way that any normal snake would, although more slowly than in the water. These pokémon have perhaps three-fourths of their full mobility and speed while on land.
Using Water-Type Moves
    Water moves, when away from a water source, can be done with the moisture in the air or the pokémon's body. The drier the air, the less powerful the move. Optimal conditions would be to be in or near a body of water. Sometimes, in the desert for example, water moves cannot be used at all as anything more than a modified normal-type move because of how arid the environment is.


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