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 Pokemon Abilities
 Posted: Apr 17 2011, 10:48 AM
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Pokemon Abilities
    Pokemon are unique creatures, each species having its own special strengths that can be used in or out battle in addition to its moves. These talents are known as abilities. In Harper, every pokemon has two abilities, which can be activated automatically, when the pokemon wishes or is ordered to activate it, or in specific conditions such as weather.

    Most pokemon also have what is called a Hidden Ability, which has only recently been discovered through research into the dreams of pokemon. While the Dream World does not exist in this region or game, pokemon may have the Hidden Ability as one of their two. If the pokemon only has one ability naturally, the Hidden Ability will be simply added into the pokemon's second ability slot. The hidden ability, if it is used, will always be listed second on the pokemon's profile.

    Bulbapedia may be used as an easy reference as to which abilities your pokemon can have. Serebii is also a reliable source.

    Main Points
    • All pokemon get 2 abilities
    • Abilities are activated by circumstance or by pokemon/player choice.
Special Ability Effects in Harper
  • Arena Trap

    Always player activated: the ground around the pokemon turns to mud or quicksand, and anything that walks through it gets stuck. Pokemon encounter rate goes up to 2x except for things that don't have to touch the ground.

  • Compound Eyes

    When pokemon is out actively using the ability outside of a battle, it will have an increase of 50% chance of detecting another Pokemon OR human with a held item. Whether it engages the person in combat is up to mod and player.

  • Cute Charm

    When the pokemon is actively using this ability outside of battle, the chance to encounter a pokemon of the opposite gender is 2 in 3.

  • Flame Body

    A Pokemon with this ability coming into prolonged near-direct contact with an egg will halve its hatching time making the egg count go up by 2 every post instead of 1. This is passive, not something that can be turned off. If you don't want this effect, keep them apart.

  • Honey Gather

    Activated after battle or by player request. Every post in an appropriate environment or the first post after a battle, there is a 10% chance to collect Honey. Honey may be used once to attract up to 5 randomized pokemon.

  • Hustle

    If pokemon is actively using this ability outside of battle, there is a 50% chance they will draw the attention of a pokemon which is stronger than it by 5 levels or more.

  • Illuminate

    Pokemon encounter chance is raised to twice the normal rate. This will work best when at night, especially with pokemon with appropriate physiology such as bugs, potentially ghosts. These pokemons can act as living lanterns even without having the move Flash, but it will be a smaller area of light and significantly less bright.

  • Intimidate

    There is a 50% chance that pokemons who are 5 levels or more below the pokemon with this ability will flee upon encounter.

  • Keen Eye

    A pokemon using this ability is more likely to spot other pokemon, people, or interesting items/plot relevant things outside of battle.

  • Lightningrod

    Pokemon will be able to predict oncoming storms in the area once this ability is activated.

  • Magma Armor

    Refer to Flame Body. NOTE: These abilities do NOT stack.

  • Magnet Pull

    If pokemon is actively using this ability outside of battle, they will draw the attention of steel-types in the area if there are any as well as nosepass due to their affiliation with magnetism. This does not necessarily force a battle, only an encounter. Also, can be used to detect metal around the pokemon, i.e. weapons. With training, this can potentially disarm an opponent.

  • No Guard

    Increases the chance of encountering pokemons when used. Pokemons drawn by this ability will often come seeking a challenge of some kind.

  • Pickup

    Activated after battle or by player request. Every post at an appropriate time and in an appropriate environment or the first post after a battle, roll a 10% chance of the pokemon picking up something.

  • Pressure

    Same thing as Hustle. Pokemon drawn in by this ability will most likely be aggressive and also looking for a fight. Humans may become nervous and uncomfortable when the pokemon using this is nearby.

  • Queenly Majesty

    The pokemon is naturally regal, and has the personality of a queen. They are difficult to convince to listen, and tend to intimidate other pokemon.

  • Quick Feet

    Pokemon using this ability actively outside of battle will have a 50% chance of successfully dodging the first attack and/or retreating if they so choose as long as they didn't attempt the first blow.

  • Sand Veil

    Pokemons with this ability will be able to safely navigate a sandstorm environment with its comrades in tow, and will lower any chances of encounter with wild pokemons by half.

  • Schooling

    When pokemons with this ability have above 50% HP, they have enough energy to present itself in a manner similar to Double Team. Below 50% HP, they will revert back to their singular form.

  • Slush Rush

    Same as Sand Veil but with hailstorms.

  • Snow Cloak

    Same as Sand Veil but with snow.

  • Static

    Attracts any electric-type pokemons nearby if used.

  • Stench

    Reduces pokemon encounter rate. Might also knock a human with low tolerance unconscious or induce vomiting.

  • Suction Cup and Suction Hold

    When a pokemon with this ability assists in fishing, they will be able to trap baited pokemons. The pokemon with this ability can also affix itself to any surface for very long periods of time without growing tired.

  • Swarm

    Increases wild Pokemon encounter chances. This works especially well with bug-type pokemon, and attracted pokemon are of typically neutral disposition.

  • Synchronize

    Pokemons thinking the same line of thought or feeling the same emotions as the owner will be drawn to said owner and a link/awareness may be established. Allows for an easier bonding between psychics who possess this ability and anyone whose mind they touch.

  • Vital Spirit

    Same effect as Pressure and Hustle. Like with No Guard, strong pokemons who show up because of this ability will be inclined to be seeking a challenge.

  • Water Bubble

    Pokemons with this ability roll around a bubble of water. Thus, they do not need Lugia's Pearl in order to move on land. However, if their water bubble is broken out of battle, they must be given a Lugia's Pearl or risk fainting.


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